Karen Stephens

Outback Artist

With the size of our vast region, it’s easy to feel swept under the rug as an artist—but Karen Stephens is one artist that’s proved that no matter where you are, if you do what you love your creativity and passion will eventually be recognised.

“I’ve found that as a painter, you’re always painting even when you’re not holding a brush—everything you see becomes a springboard into another idea, another canvas.” explained Karen in an interview with Red Ridge.

Now as an esteemed artist and a recipient of many art awards, Karen’s main passion has always been for our Outback landscape.

Passion as a Career


“I’ve been working in the field of contemporary landscape painting for six years now, and my aim is to make a contribution to Australian Landscape Painting,” Karen admitted.


“There have been so many artists – painters - who have captured the Australian landscape over time that a timeline has emerged, and the changes in our perception of it intrigues me—even though our space hasn’t changed.

They say you’re drawn to things that you love, and I love the uniqueness of remote Australia so much that I’ve focused completely on the field of landscape painting. Our space is so tucked away, that no one can see every part of it there it a lot to explore. That’s why art, to me, is so important—to share contemporary stories through landscape painting that’s accessible for everyone.”

Through the Painters Eyes

Finding beauty in your surroundings

Achieving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with Honours in 2017, little has stopped Karen’s passion for art and our region—exhibiting artwork all around Queensland, New South Wales to even New York, USA Karen has proven that no matter where you are in the world, nothing is unachievable.

“There are so many highlights as you go along your artistic journey,” Karen explained. “Even if you don’t get chosen for awards, the beauty is in the process of your painting. Often I make so many paintings, and a lot of them don’t work—but you can keep experimenting and moving forward until you find a way to achieve your goal. There is always possibility in painting and the potential to make a masterpiece.”

A Bright Future


Set to exhibit new artwork in Melbourne, Karen’s allegiance has always been with remote Queensland and the importance of arts in our region.

“The practice of painting, or any artform for that matter, is very important for people living in remote communities because it gives you the ability to express yourself. We often lead such busy lives that it’s hard to find time to be by yourself and be creative at the same time—art has always given me that opportunity. I think it is so integral to our isolated communities to have this platform of expression and access to quality art.”

From us at Red Ridge, we thank Karen Stephens for allowing us to share her artistic journey! If you’d like to see more of Karen’s work, you can visit her website and Instagram through the following links: