My name is Aulpunda Jean Barr Crombie. I am a traditional owner of the Wangkangurru / Yarluyandi country and I come from Birdsville Queensland. The painting tells the stories and songline of travel. It is with great knowledge and understanding that this story and songline has been passed on down from generation to generation and has a very strong connection by singing the country to body, mind and spirit when traveling. My painting shows that many people have used this way of travel knowing there are lots of places to camp, meet and share food and water.


The centre circle represent a ceremonial gathering camp. The blue with brown dots shows that the camp is near water. The lines that mark the way to the centre is the pathway going to and from the ceremonial gathering place. The outer circles are other camps and they also have permanent water. The small blue and brown dots are native wells. The small dots are the people of the country. The tracks are of many people who have travelled to and from the ceremonial gathering place leaving behind their foot prints of all shapes and sizes.

Songline of Travel


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