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Sally Campbell

Outback Artist

Life can lead us all in directions unforeseen, with enough twists and turns to be rightfully called the rollercoaster that it is. On our journey, we are constantly finding the new paths and roads to wander down, whether by intention or mistake.

For Sally Campbell, an incredible acrylic and watercolour artist of our Outback region, art was never in the game plan. Living on a cattle station near the Central West town of Blackall, Sally Campbell has experienced a working life amongst our incredible countryside. From floods to droughts and everything in-between, Sally had seen it all; but her career as an artist was one event she never expected.

A New Beginning


‘I started doing art later in life—it was around 2007 when I went to my first art workshop,’ explains Sally. ‘All I really wanted to do was get something on my wall. I didn’t expect it to lead to anything. But it’s opened my eyes to the environment— the wildflowers, the sky, the landscape of colours. Its changed the whole way I look at everything around me. Getting that first guidance really helped a lot.’

From that first workshop in 2007, a whole line of incredible artwork blossomed. In finding a new, peaceful outlet away from life on a cattle station, Sally now can see the potential painting in everything around her. With this new perspective, she has found a way of expression she had never experienced before.

Expression defined

Finding the perfect medium

‘It gives people a way to express themselves and where they come from,’ says Sally.

‘Without that first workshop, I would have had no idea how far art could take me—and how fun it would be, too. We're very lucky, as a region, to have artists that can come out here and give us these amazing introductory workshops. It really helps us to discover ourselves, and gives a medium to people who don’t want to do something like a sport.’

Now, as a practicing artist, Sally has done over 60 incredible works. Focusing on the natural flora of our region, Sally’s art includes an array of personal work, commissions, and items for charity fundraisers. One piece that Sally is most proud of is a painting that was auctioned for charity, displaying the beautiful foxtails in her area.

A bright future


‘Funny how you do your best work under pressure,’ explained Sally. ‘I did it for a charity auction—and, by the end of it, I was fairly proud. The painting featured the foxtails that grow out here, and the light I tried to capture within them. I was fairly keen to do something well that I can display in public, and I had to put my heart and soul into it. It was for a fellow that became wheelchair bound, so I really wanted it to be the best of what I could create. I wanted to help somebody with what I could do, and that motivation brought out the best from me. I think knowing that it helped someone makes it a piece I’m most proud of.’

With an incredible future for the arts ahead, we can’t wait to see what beauty Sally Campbell will put to canvas next!


From us at Red Ridge, we thank Sally Campbell for allowing us to feature her inspiring journey!

To find more of Sally Campbell’s work, find her on Facebook at ‘Sally Campbell Paints’!


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