Augathella, aptly named the 'meat ant' country, has unveiled their spectacular mural in the third water-tower art piece added to the trail. Capturing the great pioneering spirit of the Outback, this mural boasts brilliant colours that tell the tale of our stockmen, our bullock teams, and our beautiful natural landscape that is iconic to the Augathella region. You won't want to miss this sight! 

Meat Ant Country

Have you been to Augathella yet?

Augathella has a humble population of 430, so if you're looking for a classic Outback town full of rich stories and a strong community spirit, look no further! 

Take a stroll through the Meat Ant Park located right next door to the town library -- or try your hand at finding the giant meat ant sculpture located somewhere in town! 

Whatever you choose to do in Augathella, you'll be blown away by the deep, rich history you'll find, waiting for you to discover. 



Bushranger Paradise

Have you heard the stories? 

Amongst the beautiful, wild landscape of Augathella lies a deep history of bushrangers, stockmen and bullock teams that helped carve the Outback into what it is today. 

The notorious bushranger brothers, Patrick and James Kenniff - known for their part in the largest manhunt in Queensland, lasting over 13 years - can be found under the iconic Kenniff tree. 

About the Artist

Blender Studios, a hub for Melbourne street art!

The Blender Studios is a renowned art complex with art studios at its core.

Founded in 2001, the studios have evolved alongside the urban art movement in Melbourne and currently hosts 24+ resident artists.


Blender Studios is not only a hub for both street artists and fine artists, but it is also the HQ of Melbourne Street Tours, Dark Horse Experiment, The Blender Loft, and Blender Creatives. 


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The Regional Arts Services Network is an initiative of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.


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