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Kirstie Davison

Videographer of MaRiKi Media

At Mariki Media, Kirstie Davison’s passion for videography lies with her drive to advocate for all things rural and remote, having lived in Outback Qld for more than 20 years. Filmmaking provides her with a creative medium to share these stories.

Videography is the new and engaging way of communicating an idea, and through Kirstie’s passion and drive for videography, that idea becomes a resonating story that takes the extra step off the screen and into a meaningful, authentic narrative for the viewer to take home.

But who is Kirstie Davison, the mind and talent behind one of the Outback’s only videography services? In such a vast and often isolating region, how did Kirstie flourish as the now go-to videographer for Western Queensland, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in such a new-age medium?

Starting Passion


Like many, Kirstie’s talent unearthed humbly as a working mum, filming memories for her kids to look back on.

‘I started taking movies of my kids on my phone, and I figured you must be able to put it together in a story format— So, from there, I did a workshop with ABC Open, on capturing and editing stories through video. In this workshop, I found that I really had a knack for it – so I kept trying, kept practicing, and I eventually got to a point where I was investing in better software and equipment.’

From filming her kids to documenting popular events, Kirstie’s journey to videography professionalism began with a call from Red Ridge Interior Queensland’s manager, Louise Campbell.

‘I had been showing some of my videos to Louise Campbell from Red Ridge, and she offered me the opportunity to work with the Channel Country Ladies Day to tell their story. Fellow creative Lisa Alexander and I, paid for Iain Anderson from Brisbane to come out and teach us professional skills, show us different type of video cameras, and by October I’d gone from no cameras and no editing experience to producing a 10-minute documentary.’

Road to Success

Becoming the Outback's Videographer of Choice

After receiving high praise for her documentary work, Kirstie took leave without pay from her previous job to see if she could turn her videography talent into a business and Kirstie has never looked back. From weekly stock reports for Ray White, documenting the Blackall 150 years event to capturing the sentimental stories for the Bushman’s Gallery, Mariki Media has made a clear name for itself in the three short years since starting.

‘I get really passionate about every project I do, but The Bushman’s gallery was really special to me. As we were archiving local bushman’s and elderly Outback residents’ stories, we were given topics to interview them about—but the treasures were often found in off-topic conversations. It was beautiful to learn the history of my community, where people have come from to be here today.

Community Driven


For me, using videography to tell their stories was amazing because it brought modern story-telling to an older generation. A lot of the older people were apprehensive at first, but they’d go to the Bushman’s Gallery and listen and watch the whole set of stories, which could last for hours. They were completely enraptured by it all, which was the best part. The Bushman’s Gallery was a project special to me because I helped to share their stories, allow them to be admired by a wider audience and really elevated the older generation in our communities.’

Mariki Media has gone on to receive incredible successes, such as the 2018 ‘Audience Choice’ award at the Winton Film Festival, but Kirstie has remained close to the Outback, basing herself in Blackall. As one of the Outback’s only videographers, Kirstie’s biggest passions have always been for home—for the land, the people, and stories that make Central Queensland spectacular.

‘Our communities have so many stories waiting to be told, they just need a platform. Our local festivals, our events, our lifestyles should be able to be told regionally, with our people at the forefront—because our regional towns are truly the most special places to live. It’s with this in mind that I use my skillset and capture our beautiful landscape, our environment, and the gorgeous people within it, because telling our stories is most important to me, and that’s what brings me joy.’

Get in Contact

Start your journey with MaRiKi Media

Based in Blackall, Kirstie Davison offers all in the region her videography services whether for commercial purposes, producing documentaries, or for the fantastic storytelling techniques MaRiKi Media is known for.

From us at Red Ridge, we thank Kirstie for allowing us to share her incredible journey! ✨🎥

If you are interested in communicating your story or idea in one of the most engaging mediums to date, start your journey with MaRiKi Media.

Give Kirstie a call on 0427 574449

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