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The Art Trail of the Outback


Australia, grab your maps—the West is about to uncover one of the most spectacular trails yet...!


Have you heard about Red Ridge Interior Queensland’s newest project, Trailblazing the West? Trailblazing the West is a Red Ridge hosted art trail that will deliver numerous Water Tower and Tank mural artworks in different towns throughout our stunning Outback, including: Mt Isa, Alpha, Richmond, Windorah, Stonehenge, Cloncurry, and Augathella – linking in with Charleville and Cunnamulla, thanks to Premier Outback Events funding.


Trailblazing the West

8 Towns

Mt Isa, Alpha, Richmond, Windorah, Stonehenge, Cloncurry, and Augathella – linking in with Charleville and Cunnamulla, thanks to Year of the Outback – will receive art trails that represent their town, culture, and heritage.

Our Story

Combining to create the story of our Outback, Trailblazing the West is an art trail that celebrates who we are, and what makes our Central Queensland region incredible to live in. What better way to celebrate than through art?


As an ongoing project, Trailblazing the West will see updates into the next upcoming year. As a result of the project, we can't wait to host the grand opening of a trail that incorporates 9 major towns. Will you be there?

Journey With Us

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Follow The Trail

Exciting launch of this regional project is set to kick off in September with first stop Mt Isa, rolling through our towns to wrap-up in 2020 and spanning a distance of over 1800 kilometres.


By engaging professional large-scale street artists to complete the art trail that’ll lead through the heart of western Queensland, we hope to celebrate our Outback and landscape in a way that incorporates each town’s individual culture.

Although we all belong to one region, the vastness of our space has meant that all are stories are so unique—so what better way to celebrate what makes our towns stand out than to showcase our heritage through Art?


Empowering Communities

By supplying and creating unique and high-quality large-scale artwork within regional Queensland, we also aim to bolster tourism activity and engagement with our rural towns. Through this project, we strive to provide a long-lasting public exhibition that showcases what makes our towns brilliant places to not only visit, but to connect with on deeper cultural levels.

With 8 towns involved thanks to Year of the Outback and Premier Outback Events Funding, we at Red Ridge are able to take one step further in empowering communities to not only celebrate their culture, heritage, and history, but to actively engage with an arts platform that allows such rich expression through one gathered voice. United in art, we can't wait to see the project unfold!


Mount Isa

Lower Tank 2.jpg










Water tank mural unveiled at the Mount Isa lookout

North West Star

A team from Red Ridge Interior Queensland have completed the two week art project at the Mount Isa City Council owned water tank next to the city lookout.


Queensland Weekender

Queensland Weekender

Have you spotted the new water tank art in Mount Isa? The stunning mural shows off the area's landscapes and native wildlife. What's even more exciting is that this artwork is the first of many to come, with Red Ridge Interior Queensland Ltd also funding murals in Cloncurry, Richmond, Winton, Longreach and Windorah.

unnamed (2).jpg

ABC North West Queensland

ABC North West Queensland

The Mount Isa City Council said the mural was designed based on community feedback, and will feature birds, fish, rodeos, mining and other outback scenery. In partnership with arts and cultural organisation Red Ridge, and their water tank mural trail project, 'Trailblazing the West'.

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