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Get in touch with us or keep up to date with Red Ridge Queensland Interior events, news, and opportunities.


Louise Campbell

Red Ridge Manager

Serving over 10 years with Red Ridge since its foundation, Louise's experience in the region and in the Arts is unmeasurable. 

Andrew Martin (1).jpg

Andrew Martin

Red Ridge Chairman

As well as our mayor, Andrew Martin is the chairman for Red Ridge Interior Queensland.

Dakota BIO picture.jpg

Dakota Baillie

School Based Trainee

Dakota is undergoing a traineeship with Red Ridge and is studying visual arts in practice, design and biology. 


Anpanuwa Joyce Crombie

Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Officer

With Joyce as our Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Officer, the sky is the limit when organising our amazing art workshops. 

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Gretchen Hayman

Project Support Officer 

Supporting all Red Ridge projects, Gretchen is a Blackall local with 25 years of experience in the tourism and retail industry.


Madison Colley

Social Media Officer

Madison produces social media content for Red Ridge's platforms, as well as our website.

Red Ridge (Interior Queensland)
113 Shamrock Street
Queensland 4472

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