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Lorraine Kath

Outback Photographer

While there are many mediums and many art forms involved in the spectrum of art, you needn’t have to pick up a paintbrush in order to join the league of artists in our region. At the very heart of nearly all modern art practices remains the ever beloved art form, photography-- the medium that aims to capture everything from people, landscapes, to textures and shapes.

In our region, one photographer that calls the Outback home is Lorraine Kath from Outback Photography.

‘I mostly take landscape photos-- it’s where my passion lies. I like to try and capture the beauty of where we live, and the moments in people's lives they want to remember,’ explains Kath.

Spectacular shots on sation


Although Kath’s work now features much of our stunning landscape through helicopter or drone shots, Kath’s work began the same as anyone who has ever owned a camera; through capturing moments in loved ones lives.

‘I started taking photos when my kids were young, which probably twenty years ago now. I wanted to capture their moments growing up, but I’d also take photos when my husband was competing in the rodeos. All the camera had back then was just a point-and-shoot use to it, so it wasn’t really exciting and didn’t capture the depth-- but I found I really enjoyed it, and it sort of just went from there.’

The Perfect Shot

Capturing the essence of a scene

‘I love taking photos of the rodeos and campdrafts because its their memories too-- every sportsman loves to have a picture of themselves in the action, and it's that excitement for the sport that I try to emulate in my photos. Now that I’ve gotten a new camera over the years, you can zoom in and really see everything in that moment in time; the red dust kicking up, the hat flying through the air, the riders getting kicked off. The riders and the campdrafters are passionate, and I’m capturing that passion as it happens.’

Now an esteemed photographer and earning herself both a feature and the front cover of an R.M Williams issue, as well as winning the 2014 Vasts Art Photography Competition, photography is the art form with no paint, no pastels, no ink; just a camera and an eye that sees the romance in the shot.

From us at Red Ridge, we thank Lorraine Kath of Outback Photography for allowing us to tell her story!


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