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Jayde Chandler

Outback Artist

From our great sprawling lands to our divine open skies, there is almost too much of our beautiful landscape to process for some. But for Jayde Chandler, our very own emerging landscape artist from Barcaldine, acrylic paint, oil sticks, and a palette knife are all the tools she needs to capture the essence and aesthetic of the Outback in her paintings.

“I grew up in this landscape. I love it out here and always have,” explained Jayde in an interview with Red Ridge. “I’ve always felt it’s easier to express myself through painting, and there is so much I can say about our space. When you’re connected to the country, it doesn’t matter where you go, it never really leaves you. It’s what I try to reflect in my work—the beauty of our surroundings, the colours, the distinct shapes and aesthetics that I pick up on.”

First Steps


With Central Queensland as her home and inspiration, Jayde began creating art in 2018, and in one year has proven that in doing what you love, success can often.

“When I first started painting, I didn’t want to show anybody my work. I’d just finished a painting called ‘thirsty’ that was inspired by one of Lisa Alexander’s photographs of the parched Australian landscape and my husband insisted that I should show people.


At first, I was too terrified of the prospect, but then my husband came up with the idea to auction it for a drought relief charity. With the knowledge that it could help someone struggling out there, I decided to finally put it up on an online charity auction. That painting went on to earn $1600 which went back into the region.


Achieving the impossible in the Outback

From there, I asked a local artist to look at a few other pieces to see what I could enter into the local art exhibition. I was certain she would tell me everything was far too amateur and that I should stick to my day job! She encouraged me to enter and I was thrilled to see all my work sell on the first night and receive a highly commended award. This gave me the confidence to start an Instagram account. From which I was approached by a homeware store called Alice Mary Designs in New South Wales and a renowned art gallery called Paper Pear. Further afield a relationship with a high-end outlet in Melbourne developed.”

"Even if pursuing a career in the art world didn’t turn out the way I wanted, I thought, ‘life is too short not to give what you love a go’.

A Bright Future


I had never used a palette knife before but I haven’t put it down since beginning to experiment with it this time last year. It’s allowed me to embrace life through an artist’s eyes and really revel in all of what I find beautiful in our landscape. Even when it is devastated by drought, expressing myself through art provides a sort of escapism. Life tends to get away from us, and sometimes we forget to stop and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.”

Now with over 40 works created and sold, Jayde’s love for her landscape extends into her commissions, of which often involved painting beloved scenery all around Australia.

“Commission work is special to me because it’s almost always someone’s family property, or scenery that they adore. It’s an honour to be involved in capturing the essence of a place. I began with smaller commissions but now I’ve found I’m comfortable enough to tackle big canvases to really reflect the aesthetic of the scenery I’m given.”

As art is a medium to share our thoughts, our creative visions and often what we hold dear, the experience of art of course never ends with just the artist—the audience becomes a part of the narrative, as Jayde has found in her work.

“I think viewing my landscape as an artist, appreciating the colours and the shapes and textures has rubbed off on my family and friends too. My husband and kids often point out what they think could be inspiration for a painting, noticing things because they’re looking through the eyes of an artist too. My friends even send me pictures to use as references, and I think it's lovely that they’re looking at their environment and noticing things about it that they might not have before.”

From us at Red Ridge, we thank Jayde Chandler for allowing us to share her artistic journey! If you’d like to see more of Jayde’s incredible work, you can find her on:

Instagram: @Jayde_Chandler_Art

Facebook: Jayde Chandler ART


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