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Central West Music Makers

Outback Musical Organisation

Either on Sunday mornings sat by the radio, on that long endless highway or in our tucked away Outback cafes, music surrounds us always. Able to bring people together, start conversations, and change a person’s mood at the strum of a guitar, music is without a doubt an art form that enriches our lives—whether we are the audience, or in the band! In times of celebration and in times where we like to kick back and relax, the Outback just wouldn’t be the same without the bands we support to play the music we love.

Thus, The Central West Music Makers are a club who’s worth is immeasurable to us in the Central West region. Dedicated to providing a space in which our young music makers are allowed to perform and share their talent, music comes alive when the club gathers to play.

Music in the Outback


Nicole from the Central West Music Makers explained that it is the kids passion that keeps the youth music scene of the Outback alive.

‘I’m just one of the mums that helps them keep it all together,’ says Nicole. ‘I’m the secretary of the club, but my main focus is to just help out and support the young people. In doing that, I help work out the logistics and keep things rolling; I help them to get bookings, to do more workshops, and the general networking process across Queensland.’

‘But the club all started with two young kids—Harrison Kent and Cecilia McPhee were performing as a duet around the Central West when they wanted a mentor, but there was no one around consistently at that time who was teaching. But with the help of Mick Lindsay, they thought to themselves, ‘wouldn’t it be great if we could help other kids too?’. So then the workshops began, and it really took off from there.’

The Sky is the limit

A bright future ahead for Outback talent

Now, the club performs all over Queensland, giving amazing opportunities to the youth of our Outback. With kids from Blackall, Winton, Barcaldine, Tambo and beyond getting involved in the club’s musical activities, the sky has become their only limit.

‘They started out playing at the RSL or the Birdcage in Longreach and are very grateful for the support, and they became so good that other opportunities grew from it as well. They’ve busked at everything from street parties to Winton's Way Out West FestBIGSOUND in Brisbane and with the 1RAR band at Longreach’s @stockmanshalloffame.’

And although their musical success has been phenomenal, their true success lies in how much of a positive impact their club has made on the lives of our youth in Central Queensland.

A bright future


‘Some of them like getting the music right, and some of them like performing,’ explained Nicole, ‘but for the majority, it’s a space that they can have fun playing music together. It’s teaching them the ins and outs of performance as a whole, and how events are managed. It’s a really great career opportunity, and it shows them that there could be a career out there to suit their talents in the arts, too.’

‘But, most importantly, the club has really seen a significant improvement in the acceptance of mental health issues. Having a club like the Central West Music Makers gives them a platform for their particular brand of creativity and expression. It helps kids find like-minded people in the community, and it connects them in that way.’

It’s easy to find yourself lost in the magnitude of vast open space here in Central Queensland. Being such a large region, the importance of feeling connected to a community that understands and accepts you for who you are has become more vital now than ever. And with amazing clubs like the Central West Music Makers bringing the Outback’s youth together and providing them with incredible opportunities, the Outback gets one step closer to magical with every song they perform.

From us at Red Ridge, thank you Central West Music Makers for continuing the art of music in our Central West region!


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