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Heather Hale


Now more than ever, the environment in which we call home is subjected to manmade change; from rising temperatures to plastic islands floating in our tropical waters, Australia and the world beyond is feeling the effects that our lifestyles have created.

As such, one artist that holds the natural world dear to her is Heather Hale. Based in Longreach, Heather takes into account the impact that her art will have on the environment as well as the message it says in its final form. Using various mediums such as wool spinning, pottery, and theatre, Heather’s art often reflects an environmental expression most poignant in the times that we are experiencing the first effects of climate change.

But the art of creation, as bad as it can be, can also be used for good—for this creativity and art is behind everything that exists in this world without having been naturally grown. Starting her passion for wool spinning in 1981, Heather’s unique, natural dyeing process reflects her love for the environment around her.

‘I arrived in Longreach in 1981 and went down to the arts and craft center. Nancy Button was holding a workshop on wool spinning, so I got involved, and I loved it—it’s a gorgeous medium. After that, I just continued to spin.

Although I’ve used synthetic dyes before in my wool work, I mainly like to use dyes from around my area. I find naturally grown flora and use them to dye my work.’

From the spectacular greens to the vibrant reds that are iconic to our landscape, Heather’s wool creations echo the beauty that most often overlook in our natural world. Adept also in pottery, theatre, and poetry, Heather now has flourished as an artist with roots in many artistic soils.

From us at Red Ridge, we thank Heather Hale for allowing us to share her artistic story!

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