Dress The West Call to Action

Dress the West is a project created from the partnerships involved with Red Ridge Interior Queensland to promote mental health and the cultures of our regional towns. Blackall-Tambo, Longreach, Winton and Barcaldine are invited to incorporate the stories or themes they feel are important into a creative wearable art piece, guided by fashion designer Claudia Williams.

Help us in celebrating our heritage through fashion with the Dress the West project! In order to hold our workshops, it would be greatly appreciated if we as a community could collect the following and bring them to The Lost Art Studio for storing;

· Rubber tyre inter tubes,

· Old sports matts

· Cotton bags,

· Baling twine

· Plastic bags

· Bubble wrap

· Plastic spoons

· Plastic bottle top lids

· Vinyl

· Old canvas

· Rags

· Old belts( dress) thick and thin

· Natural fibres

· Cable ties

· Wool

· Cardboard

· Gaffa tape( fabric one), this is a must, available at Bunning different colours( will need quite a lot of these rolls)

· Plastic

· Avery crimps and crimper ( this is available at Bunning)

· Ropes

· Fabrics

· Wall paper

· Mop heads

· Wire( thin and thick)

· Copper wire

· Aluminium striping (this is at Bunnings)

· Cables from old computers or phones etc

· Gutter Guard

· Scissors

· Stanley knives

· Hammers

· Screwdrivers

· Drill and drill bits

· Hole punch( leather) good quality

· Plyers

· Knitting needles(larger sizes)

· Crochet needles (larger sizers)

· Eyelets( will need a few packets of these)


Red Ridge (Interior Queensland) Ltd was established in 2009 as a company limited by guarantee and with Tax Charity Concession (TCC) and Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. Much of Red Ridge's projects and programs are with marginalised and disadvantaged sections of the community, including people who are marginalised – aboriginal, disadvantaged, disabled.


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