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Windorah, aptly named the 'pulse of the Channel Country', is the second mural to be added to the trail. From its dramatic red sand hills to its flourishing natural flora, Windorah is home to one of the most scenic landscapes in the Outback. But did you know Windorah is also the heart of the Cattle Country, with a deep history of stockmen, bullock teams and cattle trade? You certainly won't want to miss this brilliant town on your trail through the West - that's for sure!

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The Channel Country

The pulse of the Channel Country...

Windorah is known for its beautiful creeks and the abundance of flora - but did you know this country is one of the most dramatically transforming landscapes in the Outback?


Essentially a desert that floods - you can expect to see the Windorah mural to depict the contrasting landscapes of earthy red sand dunes against the pulsing veins of fluorescent herbage when the channels spring to life after flood!

From the air, the braided channel country constitutes some of the most distinctive landscapes in Australia!

The Channel Country has a fascinating history that is intricately connected to its geography and the unique land has been precious to Aboriginal people and pastoralists for over a century.


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Flowing Rivers

Did you know Windorah means 'place of big fish?'

For Aboriginal people the land provided steady water sources and allowed tribes to live in great numbers in the channel country- with trade routes and dreaming pathways linked throughout the country.


Aboriginal culture and dreaming is still strongly embedded in Windorah's sense of community and has helped guide the process of designing aspects of Windorah's artwork and story telling.

Today, the region boasts many attractions that make Windorah a must do stop for any wanderer that appreciates the natural beauty western Queensland has to offer!




An extra treat was installed for Windorah - Margaret Stevenson, a local Windorah artist curated a third mural to celebrate Windorah's deep connection to Dreamtime and the Aboriginal culture. 

Windorah is surely incredible for its history and love of the land, but what brings this small Outback town to life is the spirit and sense of community that makes Windorah an unmissable place to visit!


In Proud Partnership with...

About the Artist

David Houghton, emerging Sunshine Coast artist

The incredible David Houghton, an emerging artist from the Sunshine Coast, has jumped on board with Red Ridge to deliver our newest public art project: Trailblazing the West!



The Regional Arts Services Network is an initiative of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.


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Trailblazing the West is funded under the Year of Outback Tourism Events Program